Is the Mangosteen Fruit a Superfood?

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In the news and all around we are hearing about the fruit mangosteen. It is one of the big talks of how great the benefits are of the fruit to help with so many different health concerns. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and then there are other times that you can question the hype. Let's take a real look at the mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen fruit has been called a superfood. Now, we might be just thinking that is super and it is a food. There is a category of actual superfoods and there is questions of whether the mangosteen fruit really meets the requirements to be classified as a superfood. It has to be rich in nutrients, high in strong antioxidants and have a high potential for lowering the risk of many diseases. The other requirements to be classified as a superfood is that it has to have appealing characteristics such as good taste, attractive fragrance and good appearance. The mangosteen fruit does and doesn't meet the criteria.

The reason that it does and doesn't is because the actual edible part of the fruit and then the nutrients of the rind. The mangosteen portion that is edible is the size of a tangerine. It is often described as sweet and comparable to a peach. This part of the fruit is not very high in nutrients.

Then you go the outer rind, or known as the exocarp. This is totally a different story. The exocarp contains many different antioxidants and useful compounds. The downfall to the exocarp is that it contains several substances that are less pleasant since they are used to discourage insects from eating the fruit.

With these two things in mind this is why it is and it isn't a superfood. There is a part of the fruit that is very pleasant and then the other part is very nutritional.

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Is the Mangosteen Fruit a Superfood?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27