Four Mistakes Of Fruit Weight Loss

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Four Mistakes of fruit weight loss

Fruits as thin pets, their nutritional value are recognized, but fruit is not without any harm. Department of Health's Central Health Education Unit of the dietitian Hu Yan introduced the four-gate knowledge about fruits and fallacies.

1, what is "a fruit?"
Dietitians often use one, two" to describe the fruit, but the "a" fact and how much? A fruit is equal to two small fruits (kiwi), or a medium-sized fruit (apple, orange), or semi- large fruit (grapefruit, dragon fruit), or half a cup of granulated fruit (grapes, diced watermelon), or a quarter cup of sugar and salt is not dried fruit.

2, eating grapefruit help burn fat?
Special ingredients containing the folklore of grapefruit can help burn fat. No basis in fact. After eating grapefruit will be thinner, because the grapefruit instead of the other higher calorie foods. Grapefruit calories in fruit and not too low, a grapefruit is equal to half-bowl too, can lead to nutritional eating grapefruit uneven.

3, fruit juice is more prone to cause more than fat?
Many busy people will eat the fruit instead of drinking fruit juice, but juice in addition to contain less fiber, fruit and more calories than 16-119%, sugar more than 9-103%. Because the process of sugar in the juice will be squeezed out from the pulp, becomes more easily absorbed. So do not drink fruit juice should be selected for additional sugar, preferably with a fruit, daily consumption of no more than a mug.

4, all fruits are low in fat, is thin to share?
Avocado, coconut and durian fruit is to lose weight 3 enemy with an apple contains 60 calories per 100 grams compared to the same component with 180 calories, avocado, coconut contains 354 calories, durian is more up to 459 calories. Which is more saturated coconut fat, eating a lot of high cholesterol levels would increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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Four Mistakes Of Fruit Weight Loss

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This article was published on 2010/10/15